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Song Dong 宋冬

‘… the “wisdom of the poor” allows sharing to become a fundamental community value.’   Born 1966,  Beijing. Lives and works in Beijing. Themes of community and communication have occupied Song Dong since his earliest performance works. In recent works utilising architectural fragments and the remaining possessions of earlier generations, Song Dong creates ‘ancestral temples’ that [...]

Shang Yang 尚扬

‘If the landscape is sick, then society is sick, and the people are sick.’   Born 1942 Hubei Province. Lives and works in Beijing. Shang Yang’s great theme over many decades has been landscape, as a metaphor for the tension between human society and the natural world. When asked why he had spent so many years focused [...]

Leung Mee Ping 梁美萍

‘I examine daily life through daily life itself.’ B. 1961 Hong Kong. Lives and works in Hong Kong. Born in Hong Kong in 1961, Leung Mee Ping studied in Paris at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts between 1987 and 1991, and as an exchange student in Barcelona in 1992, later graduating with an MFA [...]

Yin Xiuzhen 尹秀珍

‘I think artists have the power to act.’ b. Beijing 1963. Lives and works in Beijing. One of the most prolific and innovative artists to emerge in China in the last decade of the twentieth century, Yin Xiuzhen was born in Beijing in 1963. She studied oil painting under the conservative Soviet-influenced curriculum of Capital [...]

Zhao Yanbin 赵延斌

‘Anything that is not allowed in a classroom, you can do it in a toilet.’ Born 1991, Xinye, Henan Province. Lives and works in Beijing Zhao Yanbin studied under the influential teachers Lv Shengzhong and Wu Jianan in the Department of Experimental Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts. There, students are encouraged to combine ethnographic [...]

Zhu Changquan 朱昶全

‘”Reality” and “Truth” are two words that have been brought up repeatedly in the past decade. The meaning of them became gradually obscure and abstract although they were once precise. ‘ Born 1989, Shandong. Lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai. What is a head without a brain? Zhu Changquan’s digital illusions are underpinned by [...]

Zhao Yao 赵要

‘I hope when they look at my work, audiences think about how this material has been used in daily life, and how this feeling is different from experiencing it as a piece of art.’ Born 1981, Luzhou, Sichuan. Lives and works in Beijing. Zhao Yao says that audiences have just one very simple decision to [...]

Chang Ling 常陵

‘You need always leave a space in your work for the brush stroke to have a life of its own.’   Born 1975, Hualien, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taipei When Chang Ling was a small boy his artist father would hang sheets of paper around the bath and encourage him to draw and paint [...]

Zhao Xuebing 赵学兵

‘… Something seems to have happened in the settings depicted in my paintings. They seem like the setting of a crime …’ Born 1967, Beijing . Lives and works in Shanghai. Self-taught painter Zhao Xuebing lived in Paris for five years and New York City for three. In Paris he immersed himself in the works [...]

Yang Maoyuan 杨茂源

‘Art should demonstrate an astonishing quality.’ Born. 1966, Dalian, Liaoning. Lives and works in Beijing. Yang Maoyuan graduated from Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, at a time of extraordinary social and artistic change in China. He was selected for the seminal exhibition of contemproary art, China/Avant-garde, in February of that year, together [...]



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