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Zhu Liye 朱利页

   ’This work is not about sexual desire but mainly it is a tease of masculine ideas about women, and the fact that women were always nude and seen by men in art history.’ Born 1982, Jiangsu Province. Lives and works in Beijing. Zhu Liye had already begun to think about conceptual photography and performance [...]

Miao Ying 苗颖

  ‘There is no such thing as offline anymore.’ Born 1985, Shanghai. Lives and works between Shanghai and New York. Miao Ying says she lives ‘on the internet, behind the Great Firewall’. Born in Shanghai, Miao Ying was awarded her MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from the School of Art and Design at Alfred University [...]

Kuo Chia-Ling 郭嘉羚

  ‘I explore how the invisible can be made visible through the actions of the body.’ Born 1979 Taoyuan, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taipei. Video artist Kuo Chia-Ling is interested in theories of perception and language – her work explores how aspects of daily life can be transformed into something magical and mysterious through [...]

Jiu Society

  ‘We adopt Canton as the theme and try to discuss the “Cantoneseness” left in the young generation of Cantonese people in terms of geography, language and culture.’ Jiu Society’s 3 members, Fang Di, Ji Hao and Jin Haofan, were born and raised in Shenzhen – they consider themselves ‘experimental products’  of China’s Reform and [...]

Huang Wan-Ling 黃琬玲

  ‘ I used relief lines and few changes in texture to demonstrate the helpless, hopeless feelings of teenagers of this generation.’ Born 1980, Taipei. Lives and works in Taipei. Trained in traditions of Chinese painting and printmaking, Huang Wan-Ling combines her command of technique with sly references to today’s world in compositions that intentionally evoke the long [...]

Hsieh Chun-Te 謝春德

  ‘I decided to choose Sanchong as the epitome of Taiwan to document the heavy cost of rapid economic developments.’ Born, 1949, Taichung, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taipei. Born in 1949, Hsieh Chun-Te gave up formal education after his first year at Sha-Lu Industrial High School. He worked as a steel factory apprentice, for [...]

Cui Jie 崔洁

‘A city is a living ecosystem, and things are all interwoven with one another in their own ways.’ Born 1983, Shanghai. Lives and works in Shanghai. Trained in the powerhouse Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Cui Jie represents a young generation of Chinese artists whose formative childhood memories are [...]

Chen Zhe 陈哲

  ‘ It’s very diaristic, it’s a very secretive thing.’ Born 1989 Beijing. Lives and works in Beijing. As soon as Chen Zhe graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, in 2011, her work was immediately acclaimed. She was the recipient of the Three Shadows Award, Lianzhou Foto Festival Photographer of [...]

Geng Yini 耿旖旎

  ‘I think an interesting work should have multiple ways of interpreting it and it is also open ended. ‘ Born 1982, Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Lives and works in Shenyang. Although Geng Yini is not especially fond of the term ‘post-internet artist’, her work combines the traditions of oil painting that she studied at the [...]

Peng Yun 彭韫

  ‘My artworks communicate with my life. They are answers or antidotes.’ Born 1982, Lanzhou City, Sichuan Province. Currently lives and works in Macau. The work of multi-media artist Peng Yun expresses deeply felt personal responses to her own experiences. In performance and video work she explores ideas about relationships, sexuality, gender and, she says, [...]



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