Discovery program

White Rabbit’s ruling philosophy is that art should belong to all. We also believe great art has something to teach everyone, from children to adults, from art experts to the merely curious. Our floor staff have been chosen for their informed understanding of art—acquired as art students, curators, educators or practising artists—and their ability to convey that understanding and the enthusiasm behind it.

Our regular daily tours, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., explore in depth the themes behind each exhibition, the ideas behind the works on show, and the influences upon the artists. To join a regular daily tour, come to the Reception desk five minutes before the set time.

Special tours are also available for groups, including school and university students. To book a special tour, please email tours{at} Your email should include: your preferred date and time, the number of people, and the name of your school or organisation. All group visits and tours need to be booked at least one week in advance. 

For adults, tertiary students and secondary students, up to 30 individuals can be catered for in a given tour. Each secondary-school group must be accompanied by at least one teacher.

Tours can also be tailored to primary students, in groups of 15 or fewer. Each group must be accompanied by at least one teacher.

Teachers may choose to lead their own classes through the gallery; group size is limited to 30 for senior students and 15 for primary students.

White Rabbit’s educational programs are headed by Luise Guest, a former secondary-school art teacher who has been studying and writing about Chinese contemporary art for many years. Her book Half the Sky: Conversations with Contemporary Women Artists in China is published by Piper Press. Any enquiries about educational materials can be directed to her at lguest [at]

For Vile Bodies (September 9–February 2017), Luise has developed an education pack for students in Stages 3 to 6, and three case studies designed for the Stage 6 Preliminary and HSC Visual Arts courses—but also appropriate for the IB Comparative Study. These case studies focus on the practices of the artist and the critic, and contain a wealth of suggested student tasks and activities, online resources, and extracts of writing by critics on which students can model their own art writing. Click on a title to download the pdf. Case Studies for our previous exhibition, Heavy Artillery, are below.


Vile Bodies Education Pack (Stages 3 to 6)

Cang Xin: Art and Magic

Luxury Logico: The Art of Hybridity

Zhang Dali: De-Construction


Heavy Artillery Education Pack

Xu Zhen: Art and Spectacle

Wang Lei: Knitting Past and Present

Guo Jian: Domains of Dissidence and Dreams

He Xiangyu: Art and Alchemy


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