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Supernatural opens on Friday 7 September 2018.

A visit to Supernatural at the White Rabbit Gallery will be a journey through the reshaped Chinese landscapes of the 21st century.

The ancient Chinese believed that mountains were the home of the gods and caves the dwelling place of the Immortals. Supernatural beings inhabited the landscape, and ‘everything under heaven’ was designed to co-exist in a harmonious equilibrium of yin and yang. Painters created images of mist-wreathed crags and waterfalls tumbling into pristine rivers; these landscapes were populated only by the occasional lonely wandering scholar. But when contemporary Chinese artists look at the world outside the studio they see a globally-connected new China of mega-cities, high speed rail and increasingly high-tech industries.

The 32 artists shown in Supernatural will take us on a journey through landscapes of the marvelous, the strange and the uncanny, they ask us to imagine a post-human future when the ‘real’ and the virtual are indistinguishable.


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