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Book Club May

Classical music is the central motif of Canadian author Madeleine Thien’s polyphonic epic Do Not Say We Have Nothing. Linking a Shanghai concert pianist, a violinist, a composer and their families—the generation that was silenced during the Cultural Revolution and the one that raised its voice in protest in Tiananmen Square—Thien’s prize-winning novel also contains a “novel”, a secret hand-copied book that is passed from hand to trusted hand. The author says she set out to explore “what happens when everything that you know how to express … has been co-opted or taken away or literally stripped away from you. Do you speak or do you not speak?”

The full list of Book Club books for the five months of The Dark Matters can be downloaded here.

The White Rabbit Book Club meets in the Library on the third floor of the Gallery on the second Sunday of each month EXCEPT April. Under the broad headings of China and art, we discuss novels, memoirs, history books, current affairs and even cookery. Whether or not you’ve read the nominated book, you are welcome to join us.

When: Second Sunday of every month, 2 p.m.

Where: Library, 3rd floor

How much: FREE

Contact: Phyllis Rowlinson: prowlinson[at]whiterabbitcollection.org, tel. (02) 8399 2867


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