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Book Club May

On Sunday 13 May, we shall be discussing The Road to Sleeping Dragon: Learning China from the Ground Up by Michael Meyer.

In 1995, Meyer, a young American from Minnesota, enrolled in the Peace Corps and found himself posted to Neijiang, a small city in a remote part of Sichuan Province. His job was to teach ‘writing and civilization’ to college students and thus began “an unexpected engagement with China that has lasted more than twenty years.”

This is a deeply personal story that captures the experience of learning a language, culture and history “from the ground up”. Funny and relatable, The Road to Sleeping Dragon is recommended reading for anyone interested in how daily life plays out in China today.

Regulars and newcomers – all are welcome. Admission is free and refreshments are served.

When: Second Sunday of every month, 2 p.m.

Where: Library, 3rd floor

How much: FREE

Contact: Phyllis Rowlinson: prowlinson[at]whiterabbitcollection.org, tel. (02) 8399 2867


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