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White Rabbit’s summer exhibition is a heavy hitter indeed.  Among the highlights of a huge show:

  • Xu Zhen’s European Thousand-Armed Sculpture (2013–2014), in which massive classical sculptures align in the form of a Buddhist deity;
  • Library (2008; pictured), Polit-Sheer-Form Office group’s overwhelming archive of all-blue books;
  • He Xiangyu’s Tank Project (2011–2013), a replica of a Soviet-Chinese tank made entirely from hand-stitched leather;
  • Liu Chengrui’s performance video Guazi Moves Earth (2008), in which the artist becomes a human excavator; and
  • Flotage—Tectonics (2014), a translucent screen-printed “floating” wall by Shinji Ohmaki, our Biennale guest artist from Japan.

Also on show: works by Aaajiao (Xu Wenkai), Geng Xue, Guo Jian, Liu Chuang, Liu Jianhua, Liu Wei, Song Hongquan, Wang Lei, Yang Liming, and Taiwanese artists Ah Leon, Hsu Yung-Hsu, Huang Hai-Hsin, Lin Yen-Wei, Chou Chu-Wang.

Heavy Artillery is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday to Sunday. The exhibition runs until 7 August 2016.


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